Welcome to our bed and breakfast!

I'll start by telling you a little about our B&B. My husband built this 7,000 square foot log home by himself. Well, almost. He did have to recruit an electrician and a plumber. We bought an old farmhouse & just started building out &up. First things first though. He began cutting trees on our farm and spent several years clearing. Since we were still working in Knoxville, he came every weekend. Then we made a trip to the Woodmiser plant and bought a sawmill. He sawed all the logs and began assembling our home. It took him about 3 years to complete. Working alone was slow going. By this time, he was ready to retire and move from Knoxville to our new home in Morgan County on the plateau. Our B&B is more of a hobby than a full blown business. Our favorite part is meeting people from different parts of the country.